Movements of peoples have always been a feature of human history. From the expansion out of Africa of early humans to the current flow of refugees north and westwards into Europe, they have been movements with many different causes and consequences.The evacuation of the Gibraltarians at the time of the Second World War was one such movement. Its scale was much smaller than many others, but as a proportion of our population, it was massive. Whether or not your view is that the community should have been moved to one destination or another, it is clear that the Evacuation had an impact on the making of Gibraltar and of the Gibraltarians, and had an effect on the many individuals and families affected. I was born barely a decade after my Mum returned from Madeira, and can remember vividly her stories of times, now long past, but then still very fresh in her mind. It shaped me as I grew up. It made me feel so attached to my land from which she had been wrenched. It made me feel so strongly that it was mine.The effect of such feelings on my generation will persist, even if sometimes we and our children don’t realise where they started. But we have a duty, a responsibility, to ensure that the memories remain also, and that they remain alive.Publications such as this will ensure that this is so, and I congratulate the author, for both the content and the vision.

John Cortes
Minister of Education

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